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Making your Corporate Website relevant

August 23rd, 2009

The biggest challenge most companies have with their corporate website is making it relevant. The tough questions to ask when your corporate site is being built (or, more likely) redesigned are:

  1. With billions of sites one could type into the address bar, why would they type in the name of my company? What would they be looking for?
  2. Are we going to provide that?

For the first question, if you have a well known brand, you may think you know why the user is coming to your site. They want product sales information. Right?

Maybe not.

Recent studies have shown that for the web savvy users, product decisions are not made at the product’s website. Instead, those decisions are made from review sites, from shopping sites, or more often recently, through social networks. Going to your brand’s site is generally the last step in making a product decision. Looking for a final reason not to part with their hard earned money.

So, what is the user looking for? It can be several things:

  • Locations to purchase
  • Specifications
  • Competitive information (why ours is better then theirs)
  • Support
  • Community

Therefore, question 2 is a difficult question. Are you really willing to provide any or all of the above on your company or brand site?

Over the next several posts, we’ll dive into some of the above reasons to discuss the pros and cons of providing what your users may want.

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