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Net.Finance conference in Phoenix

May 8th, 2013

NetFinancI just returned from the Net.Finance conference in Phoenix. If you’ve never been, and if you’re in digital field in financial service, this is THE conference to attend! I met colleagues from across North America. As is usual with conferences like these, I took lots of notes from the many sessions I attended… but the true value of the conference came from the meals and cocktails outside of the sessions. It was at these where I was able to talk to peers and find out what they were *really* doing. The insights and advice from those ad-hoc chats were almost more valuable than the information gleaned from the official sessions.

I was there to present on a panel titled “Deploying social across your organization” with Martha Hayward from Fidelity I think the panel went exceptionally well… the feedback I received was very positive. Though I couldn’t get much feedback as I was hurdling over the chairs on my way out the back door. I had two hours from the end of my session to my flight back to Toronto. With TSA security at the US airports, that didn’t leave any time to bask in the glow.

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