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Because You Can

August 15th, 2009

I see it more often than I should. Flash games where they should not exist. A Twitter account from a major company or brand that hasn’t tweet’d for the last six months. A corporate web page that has outdated promos talking about an event that happened months ago.

At the company I work for, there are several examples of frills and functionality added to applications and sites that are added on the principle of BYC… “Because You Can.”

Before any new initiative or update takes place, think about this…

Is what I am going to do going to help my customer / client / user do something that they “want” to do or “need” to do? Does it move my brand forward? Does it add real value? Is my / our effort better spent elsewhere?

Because, just because you “can” add that game, or chart, or step, doesn’t mean you “should”

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