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The Corporate Love / Hate with Social Media

August 31st, 2009

love hateTwo sides of the same coin. Two different studies show how companies have almost contradictory views when it comes to social media sites.

On the one hand, a study from Marketwatch shows that almost half of all companies surveyed use social networks to screen potential job candidates. On the other hand, a study from ScanSafe shows that over 75% of companies block social media sites from their employees.

If you read the two studies, there are some interesting stats within. For example, the following results in employee screening were most likely to have a candidate rejected from getting the job:

  • Provocative or inappropriate photos (53%)
  • Content about alcohol or drug use (44%)
  • Negative comments about previous employer (35%)
  • Shared confidential info about previous employer (20%)

Most interesting to me was that 16% of respondents rejected a candidate because they used a smiley face or other emoticon. 🙂

Facebook and LinkedIn were the tools of choice for employers, while Twitter was last at 7%.

With the other study, there weren’t too many surprises in companies blocking social networking from the workplace. Unless the company’s business is social media, most companies feel they would have a lot of people soaking up a lot of valuable time at the office being social.
What’s ironic is that most of those companies that would block social networks from their employees either have, or are working towards, having a significant presence on those same social networks. Interesting…

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