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The Pen is Mightier than the Computer

October 21st, 2009

moleskinI still get people doing a double-take when they see my PDA. It’s light-weight, portable, never needs recharging and is instant-on. Yup, I use a Moleskine notebook and a pen. It’s always on me, I’m always jotting notes in it and it has (so far) never failed me.

David Hornik recently wrote a post on how he’s seeing more and more Senior Executives using real, old-fashioned notebooks and pens in meetings. Fewer and fewer are bringing out their laptops.

I concur. And I also find that people that are using laptops are often not listening to the meeting, nor are they taking notes relevant to the meeting. They’re using it to catch up on other work or responding to email. I’m guilty of that as well with my Blackberry. If I have it on the table during a meeting, I find myself constantly checking it and responding when I should be listening.

Once or twice (OK, more), I’ve been caught flat-footed when a question was asked of me. I have that blank stare, try to think of something, and often resort to asking the person to repeat the question.

So now, I’m a pen and paper person as well. My note book never fails me. Why:

  1. Instant on. Don’t have to wait for a boot up. Don’t have to find a power outlet. Don’t have to log in.
  2. Always connected. I don’t have to look for a signal. All of my info is right there.
  3. Rugged. I have a tendency to drop my toys. Not an issue with my notebook.
  4. Memory. I’m talking about mine. I find that if I write something down with pen and paper, I remember it. I almost never have to refer to my notes again. The very act of writing it down works well enough. I can’t say the same about typing a note.

So please don’t laugh at my when I bring out my notebook. I’m only following the example set by the movers and shakers!

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  1. George
    November 28th, 2012 at 01:39 | #1

    Thanks for the great post! I do agree with you!

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