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Social media in 2011

October 30th, 2011

Steven van Belleghem has posted a great presentation on Slideshare showing the state of social media worldwide in 2011. Warning up front that this slideshow is well over 160 slides!

There are a few stats in this that surprised me (both positively and negatively). For example:
  • The awareness of Facebook is close to 100%
  • Facebook is used by over 400,000,000 people daily (almost half of all accounts!) with the average session lasting 37 minutes
  • Positive experiences lead to more social posts than negative experiences. I would have thought the opposite, but sadly, when I think about it, positive experiences are more unique and post-worthy than negative experiences.
  • People have on average 25 apps on their smartphones, but use only 12 apps regularly (I know that’s the case with me… I have close to 100, but most are never or rarely used)


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    Great! thanks for the share!

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