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Unofficial Twitter rules

September 15th, 2013

twOne of the fun parts of my job is teaching the uninitiated about Twitter. It’s hard enough to get the ‘language’ of Twitter when you’re using it to communicate with friends and family. It’s a whole different beast when you’re using Twitter to communicate professionally and build a brand. I have a mental list of unofficial rules that I teach our people on the proper professional use of Twitter to build brand equity.

I stumbled across a great article from Steve Ladurantaye outlining his own personal Twitter rules. These rules are so closely aligned to what I teach that I think I’ll be pointing my people to this post ahead of my session to give them a nice solid foundation before we talk. A couple that resonated with me:

1. You are one tweet away from being fired.

3. There is no difference between a professional account and a personal account.

9. Retweet. But it’s often better to add something to the link to explain why you’re doing.

25. Open a bottle, close the Twitter.

The last one (#25) is one that I really love. I’ve seen too many posts from friends and colleagues that come late in the evening. I’ve sent them a personal, off-the-corporate-network message saying, “Umm… you may want to delete that post”.

Great work Steve!

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